Bring The Noise – 6 janvier 2013

Publié le 7 janvier 2013 à 10:00

uncommonmenfrommars_btnBring The Noise ce dimanche, c’est une spéciale Punk Rock avec, en guest, Uncommonmenfrommars en interview et en session live !

Les gars d’Uncommonmenfrommars sont dans Bring The Noise ce dimanche pour une émission spéciale Punk Rock ! Au programme : interview, session live, mais aussi leurs morceaux préférés tout au long de l’émission !

Uncommonmenfrommars a sorti son dernier album, Easy Cure, en novembre 2012.

La playlist :

Pennywise – Fuck Authority
Uncommonmenfrommars – Vampire Girl
Reel Big Fish – Sell Out
Pleymo – Adrenaline
Bad Religion – Fuck You
Kid North – Hide and Seek
Green Day – Welcome To Paradise
Uncommonmenfrommars – Blue Pill
The Descendants – I’m the One
Teenage Bottlerocket – Radioooo
The Spits – You Spit Me Out
Unco – Distorted Information
Mute – The Edge
The Copyrights – Kids of the Blackhole
Bracket – Everyone Is Telling Me I’ll Never Win, If I Fall In Love With A Girl From Marin
Unco – Do You Believe
Unco – Guess What
Boucing Souls – Lean on Sheena
The Apers- The Word is On
Unco – Sk8boarding Hurts More When You’re Over 30 (acoustique)
Unco – You Remind Me The Kids I Used To Hate at School (acoustique)
The Rebel Assholes – New Generation
Burning Heads – End Up Like You
Dillinger Four – Noble Stabbings
No Use For A Name – Soulmate
NOFX – We Threw Gasoline On the fire and now we have stumps for arms and no eyebrows
Propagandi – Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes
Spermbirds – Knife Throwers
Seven Hate – Batcha Hook
Undeclinable Ambuscade – Whatever
Unco – The Only Way To Make It Through The Day (acoustique)
Unco – Half Burning Cigarette Butts
Unco – Jessie@Dublin
Circle Jerks – Deny Everything
Face To Face – Walk the Walk
Abhinanda – Fascistproof Armour
Good Riddance – Shadows of Defeat
The Queers – Overdue
Unco – Jim got in a fight with Brian Molko
Napoleon Solo – Ink Stain
Lagwagon – Bad Scene
Unco – The Only Way To Make It Through The Day
Seven Seconds – 99 Ballons
Unco – Sk8boarding Hurts More When You’re Over 30
Unco – Too Drunk To Truck
Dropkick Murphys – The Boys Are Back
RancidD – Fall Back Down
Claude François – Chanson populaire