Green Day va bientôt sortir son documentaire sur le punk californien

Publié le 7 juin 2018 à 11:46
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Turn It Around: The Story Of East Bay Punk bientôt chez vous !

turn it around

C’est le 22 juin que sortira Turn It Around: The Story Of East Bay Punk en DVD et blu-ray, ainsi que sa sélection musicale. Il s’agit d’un documentaire réalisé par Corbett Redford, produit par Green Day et narré par Iggy Pop qui raconte 30 ans de l’histoire du mouvement punk en Californie.

Plusieurs témoins de cette période interviennent dans ce film, dont Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses), Noodles (The Offspring), Kirk Hammet (Metallica), Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) ou encore Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day).

Les pré-commandes sont disponibles

Voici la bande-annonce :

Green Day and Rancid’s success is just part of the story — the roots of East Bay punk rock go deep. Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk is now playing in theaters – visit EastBayPunk.Com/Screenings for dates and ticket links. More screenings added soon!

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La bande-originale contiendra 35 morceaux sur un double-vinyle :

  • Face A :
  1. Crimpshrine – Another Day
  2. Fang – I Wanna Be On TV
  3. Christ On Parade – Thoughts of War
  4. Special Forces – Berkeley Hardcore
  5. Corrupted Morals – Be All You Can Be
  6. Neurosis – United Sheep
  7. Sewer Trout – Wally and Beaver Go To Nicaragua
  8. The Lookouts – Mendocino Homeland
  9. Isocracy – Hippie Man
  10. Soup – Control
  • Face B
  1. Sweet Children – Sweet Children (Demo)
  2. MTX – At Gilman Street
  3. Sweet Baby – She’s From Salinas
  4. Kwik Way – Pacifica On Saturday
  5. Kamala and the Karnivores – Back To Bodie
  6. Jawbreaker – Equalized (Demo, J. Robbins Mix)
  7. Crimpshrine – Summertime
  8. Operation Ivy – Hedgecore
  9. Beatnigs – Television
  • Face C
  1. Operation Ivy – Unity
  2. Filth – The List
  3. Blatz – Berkeley Is My Baby (And I Wanna Kill It)
  4. Econochrist – Epidemic
  5. Spitboy – Sexism Impressed
  6. Yeastie Girlz – Yeast Power
  7. Nuisance – Dragonfly (Brouhaha version)
  8. Monsula – Firecracker
  9. Pinhead Gunpowder – Losers of the Year
  • Face D
  1. Pansy Division – Luv Luv Luv
  2. The Potatomen – On The Avenue
  3. Jawbreaker – Condition Oakland
  4. NOFX – I’m Telling Tim
  5. Rancid – Journey To The End of the East Bay
  6. Green Day – Welcome To Paradise (Kerplunk)
  7. The Armstrongs – If There Was Ever a Time