Bring The Noise – 24 février 2013

Publié le 25 février 2013 à 2:00

All Time Low est en première ligne de Bring The Noise ce dimanche, avec leur album Don’t Panic. Pour l’occasion, le groupe a même donné une interview à Pierre et Aurélie !

La playlist :

Velertak – Bruane Brenn
Foo Fighters – The Pretender
Fall Out Boy – My Song Know What You Did In The Dark
Deftones – 7 Words
Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
NOFX – 72 Hookers
Billy Talent – Runnin’ Across The Tracks
A Day To Remember – I’m Made Of Wax, Larry…
Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel – Z
Rise Against – Worth Dying For
Limp Bizkit – Faith
The Blackout – Start The Party
Headcharger – All Night Long
Fallaster – What We Are Here For
Finch – Letters To You
My Chemical Romance – You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison
Buckcherry – Glutony
Letlive – Muther
Deftones – Rosemary
Green Day – Welcome To Paradise
Prodigy – Invaders Must Die
The Bronx – The Unholy Hand
Edguy – Pandora’s Box
Avantasia – Invoke The Machine
Slayer – Bloodline
The Unseen – Scream Out
All Time Low – Backseat Serenade
All Time Low – If These Sheets Were Sates
All Time Now – Somewhere In Neverland
All Time Low – So Long Soldier
All Time Low – The Irony Of Choking On A Lifesaver
All Time Low – To Live And Let Go
All Time Low – For Baltimore
Dropkick Murphys – The Boys Are Back
Gallows – London Is The Reason
Hellbats – State Of Grace
Iron Maiden – The Trooper
Saves The Day – Head For The Hills
Black Light Burn – We Light Up
The Men – Bataille